Copyright Policy

Use and Redistribution Terms:

Commercial use:

Any commercial use, copying, or redistribution of my work is strictly forbidden without my express written consent. By "commercial" I mean any venture in which you - the party doing the copying or redistributing - receive a fee or royalty.

Non-commercial use:

You may freely use, copy and redistribute my work for non-commercial purposes, without fee or royalty, provided you accept the following conditions:

  1. You must give proper credit. A hyperlink to the original material and a tiny attribution (" Bob Robinson, ") is good enough. And if you use a thumbnail image, a hyperlink to the original photograph will suffice -- you can omit the attribution altogether. (On each photo page you'll find a link to automatically generate HTML thumbnails for use on your own site.) Finally, if you end up making extensive use of my work, a brief email note to let me know about it would be nice. (Hint, hint.)
  2. (The "kitchen sink" clause.) I reserve the right to arbitrarily revoke permission to use the material, for any reason. I'm almost always glad when someone finds my work useful, but I do make a few exceptions. If you were to use my photos in something I find exceptionally offensive or misleading -- recruiting material for a hate group, to take an extreme example -- then I might ask you to stop.
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